What percentage of my donation is tax deductible?

100% of your donations are tax deductible

How can I donate funds?

Donations to ASF can be made by writing a check and mailing or by donating on-line through the provided link. Donations can be made in lieu of others as a gift, In memory of or for a special occasion.

How can I help?

You can provide non-monetary contributions by volunteering your time to serve in various ASF committees. E-mail Us

How can I learn about on going events and activities organized by ASF?

You can stay connected to ASF and its charitable work through the ASF website or by adding your contact information to ASF eList for notification of upcoming events and News.

Which schools do qualify for the ASF support?

ASF provides its support to those schools that are located in remote rural areas with less than 120 student enrollment.

How long does it take to furnish a school after receiving a donation?

Due to the long lead time associated with procurement of the material and the seasonal problems with the roads minimum 8 to 12 months.

What are the challenges of ASF to fulfill its goals?

The typical challenges in fabricating the furnishings for schools are the unexpected delays in receiving raw material, the sever weather condition which causes interruptions in the manufacturing process and the winter road blockages, which cause delays in delivering to schools.

What is the relationship between ASF-USA and the government of Armenia?

ASF-USA has no direct relationship with the government of Armenia. ASF-USA deals with ASF-Armenia, which has a non-profit status in Armenia and receives tax-exemption from Armenian Government for imported material for manufacturing of school furnishings. Periodically, ASF – Armenia consults with Ministry of Education and Culture in Armenia on specific issues.

How does ASF- USA distribute collected funds?

When sufficient funds are collected for specific or designated projects, ASF transfers the funds to the ASF account in Armenia. The funds are mainly used to cover costs associated with importing raw material to Armenia, manufacturing labor and transportation to deliver the furnishings to schools in remote areas of Armenia.